Friday, June 12, 2009

Colors of Love...

This morning I am dabbling in photoshop a bit... I created this piece titled "The Colors of Love" based on a poem I wrote on New Years Day, 2007. Since I have not posted photos recently, and am about to embark on a 2 week photo Journey of Northern California and Oregon, I thought I would share this, until new work arrives next month. I hope you like it, and check soon for lots of cool new photography!

May your love be colorful, and heartfelt...



Colors of Love

Deep lilac and blue
The colors I first saw of you
Holding my heart
In deep lilac and blue

Pale golden yellow
Brings you back again
You are ever present
Held in pale golden yellow

Deepest red of the Heart
I feel you this moment
Our love painted in crimson
The deepest red of the Heart

These colors have come
In their purest form
Held within my highest self
These Colors of Love

January 1st, 2007
by Stephen Eldred