Friday, December 9, 2011

A Moment of Truth...

Every artist has them... some more often, some less. I have been feeling antsy
for the last couple of days... could not quite figure out why. Yes, alot of changes
are taking place in my world, I have been feeling the need to take my
photography in new directions... then it happened. Thursday morning
December 8th, 2011 to be exact. I knew I was headed for the Temecula
Wine Country where I often go when feeling the urge to create new art,
When I was spoken to, by I presume, my God. My God/Guide said to me, 
" Let go of the need to create art for others...create Art for yourself,
in your Heart, of your Soul, with your Love" 
At that moment I realized a truth for me
that is really fundamental... The Heart, Soul, and Love within
the Art I create is passed along... infinitely! This is why I am an Artist!
This was a huge gift to be received by me... Allowing me to let go of any 
"preconceived" visions I have for what my Art should look like. 
It should look like it feels...

In my Heart, Of my Soul, With my Love...
Tomorrow I will share exactly how this does look, to an artist 
that is letting go of the preconceived, and allowing the
Spirit to guide...
to be continued!